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An exciting complement to the Generation MIX National Awareness Tour is the first widely available, nationally distributed documentary film on the mixed race experience.

Using the Tour as a backdrop, the five Crew members will create a documentary film that records how their multiracial identity develops through interactions with the public and each other over the course of their 5-week, 16 pit stop adventure across the nation.

Pre-production will occur between January and March. Production will occur from March 17-May 18 with postproduction ending in November and marketing and distribution starting in late 2005.

For more information, contact filmmaker Justin Leroy.


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upcoming media goodies
Press Conference:
Monday, April 4 (Seattle, WA)
11:00 am at the University of Washington

Press Conference:
Tuesday, April 26 (New York, NY)
12:00 pm at Riverside Park

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