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March 29, 2005: Press Conference and Activities Fair Kick Off Generation MIX Tour

March 21, 2005: Generation MIX Announces Host Organizations

March 17, 2005: Crew Members Arrive in Seattle for 2-week Training

February 16, 2005: Generation MIX Tour to Visit 15 Cities in 13 States

February 8, 2005: MAVIN Foundation Announces Generation MIX Tour Crew Members.

January 5, 2005: Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available

November 17, 2004: Generation MIX Seeking Partner Organizations

October 21, 2004: Applications for Generation MIX Tour Now Available

October 14, 2004: Mixed Race Young People to Cross America in National Awareness Tour

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upcoming media goodies
Press Conference:
Monday, April 4 (Seattle, WA)
11:00 am at the University of Washington

Press Conference:
Tuesday, April 26 (New York, NY)
12:00 pm at Riverside Park

Generation MIX is becoming a bigger media sensation than we ever hoped, and we could use your help! Please help us track which media outlets do features about the MAVIN Foundation National Awareness Tour by emailing us here!

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