7 poison-free ways help you keep rats and mice out of your home

I think nobody would like to have any rodent in the house or home unless the mouse or rat is your pet and you have it in a cage. Even if it is a pet mouse or rate, if it gets lost, it will also cause a panic and some family members may jump on a chair and shout. Mice and rats are not friendly to our humans. Actually, they are not only a nasty nuisance, but they also can chew up important wiring and papers, contaminate our foods and spread diseases. If you have found rats or mice in your home, the first consideration is to buy some rat poisons or mouse poisons to kill them or buy some mouse traps. However, there are some ways that can keep mice and rats out of your home without using poisons. The following u useful tips can help you.

7 Tips to Keep Rats and Mice out of the House

  1. Give up feeding the birds. Many people like feeding birds, but this is not a good habit. This is because birds are not neat eaters and will leave much of the seed on the ground. This can offer a free and easy meal for mice, rats, and other wildlife (like geese, squirrels, etc.). Of course, many insects (like ants) will also love hanging around your house to look for food.
  2. Always close your garage door when not in use, especially at night. If you leave the door open, mice, rats and other wildlife would like to enter and build their shelters. Probably, they will find or make their way into your home.
  3. Don’t store any pet food in the garage. Rodents are easy to be attracted by the aroma of grass seed, bird seed, or pet food. If you have to do that, you need to keep them in airtight containers, because this can prevent these rodents from smelling the aroma. The metal can and lid only can prevent rats or mice from getting close to your dog food, but the smell can lure these rodents into your garage.
  4. Get rid of the enticing aroma of garbage in your garage. If you cannot control these smells, the rodents will be attracted to your garage, or nest in your garage or in your walls. Therefore, you need to get rid of the enticing aroma by sealing the garbage as soon as possible and dispose the garbage as soon as possible too.
  5. It is highly recommended to seal the air conditioner lines, as well as other possible gaps which are wider than a dime.
  6. Avoid overdoing it on your landscaping. If you overdo it, the abundant, dense plant around your house will become a natural shelter for rodents. Maybe every of us wants to have a beautiful landscaping, but pests also love this.
  7. Clean up spilled pet food as soon as possible, or the spilled pet food on the garage floor will become mouse food and attract mice to enter your garage. Grass seed also attracts mice.

Signs of Rodent Presence

If a mouse or a rat plans to visit your home, it will not tell you and it is hard to notice. However, some signs can help you know they have invaded your home.

  • Chewed holes in bags and boxes are found.
  • These chewed holes are usually found in boxes or bags you used to hold dog food, grass seed and other dry goods.
  • Chewed electrical wiring
  • Rats and mice also love chewing electrical wiring and threw it anywhere they like. This can cause expensive repairs, or even fires.
  • Mice or rats droppings and urine are found. These feces are so disgusting. If you found a few, this means they have invaded your home.

However, sometimes you may not notice any signs but the truth is that they have visited your home. The true danger is that many diseases (like Hantavirus) can be transmitted to us by the accidental inhalation of dust from a mouse or rat dried droppings or urine.


The most effective way is not to kill them but prevent them from entering your home. The above useful tips can help you to prevent them from invading your home at the most. Other auxiliary measures (like yard work and caulking, garage cleaning) are also helpful. Once you have noticed any sign of Rodent Presence, you need to kill or repel them immediately.