Best Bathroom Mirror

If you plan to buy a bathroom mirror, which one is the best bathroom mirror? On the market, there are various kinds of bathroom mirrors to choose from. First, you should know what your real need is.

Best Magnifying Mirror

If you have some daunting beauty tasks, a magnifying mirror is really a great helper, because it is able to help you simplify these daunting tasks. The difficulty level of your tasks determines the level of magnification. Generally, 5x is good enough for any task requiring a little concentration. If you need to get in superb close for tasks like wearing false lashes or wear contact lenses, you can choose an 8x, or 10x or higher magnifying mirror.

We’ve done some research and made this list of the best magnifying mirrors on the market. They were chosen because of their performance, affordability, convenience, as well as other great features. They all offer you a clear and sharp view and will not skew or distort. To make them strong enough, they all use high quality and long-lasting metals as well as other materials. Plus, some of them even have built-in lighting, so this can save you some money. Although they may not function the same, the main function is the same. Choose one of them, based on what you plan to use it for.

1. simplehuman Sensor Mirror – Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror, 5x Magnification

This best magnifying mirror has a sleek and modern design, making it easily match your bathroom. What’s more, it is also very intelligent. It has a built-in natural Led light which can automatically turn on or off, so you don’t need to touch its surface. You can use a USB charger to charge it and the LED means superb energy efficient. It is 5x magnification mirror and will not distort color. It deserves to try.

2. Floxite 10X/1X Daylight Lighting Magnifying Mirror

This Floxite 10x mirror is ideal for those who less than stellar lighting in their space and want to simplify their beauty rituals. As a 10x magnifying mirror, it is able to rival even the daytime sun. Therefore, you will find it is very convenient to use and allows you to easily get in close and all the details can be seen clearly. However, it seems a little costly, but if you need to get in close often, it is your best choice in the long run.

3. Tweezerman Tweezermate 12x’s Magnification Mirror

If you like traveling but not want to take a tiny compact mirror, this 12x magnifying mirror is perfect for you. The simplicity makes it save much space for you, but it can offer you a sharp reflection, helping you easily make up every day. If you are an office worker, this one can be in your handbag. This 12x magnifying mirror can help you perform any task and there is no any tweezing problem. Plus, it is so affordable and the price is as low as $20. Plus, on its back, it also has attachable suction cups.

4. Jerdon HL9510N 8-Inch x 10-Inch Oval Lighted Vanity Mirror

People who have bought this mirror all spoke highly of both its beauty and function. It has a nickel finish and the mirror surface is flawless, so it can give you super applying experience when you make up. In the bottom, a tiny 15x mirror allows you easily to navigate even the toughest beauty tasks like tweeze line. Plus, it comes with 3 light settings. If you need a high-end mirror, this one will not make you feel disappointed.

5. Conair Oval Double-Sided Illuminated Mirror

This Conair BE47X mirror can be widely used. You can use it for anything. With this, you can get a 7x magnification image which is clean and crisp. The design is very simple but there are plenty of positive reviews from real users. Plus, a 1 year warranty is also included.

Best Makeup Mirror

If you need to make up every day, you really need a makeup mirror, because such a mirror can really help you zoom closer and you can easily apply any makeup precisely as a professional does. Besides, such a mirror is essential when there is no extra light and encounter difficulty seeing close-up.

We made list of best makeup mirrors to help you easily get the right one for your needs. The following best models were selected due to their ability to offer you best possible view of your face, adjustable angels, at least 7x magnifications, sleek designs, prices, ratings as well customer reviews.

1. Jerdon JP910NB 6-Inch Vanity Mirror

This Jerdon 10x mirror is really a high-quality model you can choose. It allows to change from 1x to 10x magnification. It also allows you to swivel 360 degrees, so you can get a perfect view. It is also moisture resistant and condensation resistant because of its matte nickel finish. Therefore, it can work for you for many years. Once you have it, you will love it because of visual appeal.

2. Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra Strong 15x/1x Supervision Vanity Mirror

This best makeup mirror can offer stronger magnification than you can imagine, making it perfect for those who have poor close-up vision. It is also dual-sided. As an adjustable mirror, this high-definition mirror will provide the clearest view for you. Many people also love its brushed nickel finish, because they think it can add an elegant touch to their bathrooms.

3. Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror

This model has built-in LED lighting, making it energy-saving. I also love its sleek and oval design. It allows to swivel 360 degrees and it is able to provide up to 7x magnification. It is also a dual-sided mirror.

4. Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

This one has a sleek design and its professional looking is also very impressive, making it easy match any décor in your bathroom. It offers 1x magnification and 7x magnification, making it very versatile. Plus, it can be adjusted to any angle. The anti-fog feature is also very great. And an extra light is also included.

5. Zadro Next Generation 1X/10X Lighted Travel Mirror

This one is a travel mirror and perfect for those who are always on-the-go. It provides 1x magnification and 10x magnification. And LED lights are also built-in. Once you have it, you will love its sleek and fold up design. It is highly recommended due to its function and convince.

Best Fogless Shaving Mirror

I think most men would like to shave in the shower, because hot water makes our sink become soft and helps to offer you a much deeper and longer lasting shave. Besides that you need a water-resistant razor, a fogless mirror is also one of the best tools to help you see yourself clearly and continually. Therefore, you don’t need to wipe the mirror surface from time to time.

There are many fogless shaving mirrors on the market, but we selected the best of the best for you. All of them are able to get a perfect shave and their hassle-free performance will amaze you. Plus, we also consider their durability, because nobody would like to change one from time to time.

1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

If you need a mirror for shaving, this mirror will not disappoint you and it will even exceed your expectations. This model is well designed and manufactured and many details are so great. For example, it is guaranteed for fogless feature and it has an unshakable mounting system that is made of silicone. The size is perfect for any shower. You can easily set it up.

2. ShowerTek CXL 1X/3X Magnified Fog Proof Shower Mirror

If you would like to shave while taking a shower, this Sharper Image Fog-free shower mirror is one of your best choices. It is a high quality chrome mirror and hot water can activate the fogless feature. Even your bathroom gets very steamy, you can get a crisp reflection. Therefore, you can shave easily and comfortably. Plus, its 1x and 3x magnification make your shaving much more clearer and easier. The setting up is also very easily and you can attach it to your shower head seamlessly. And there is much space for your razor storage.

3. InterDesign Fog Away Suction Mirror

This InterDesign fogless mirror has a simple deign but effectively delivers a clear and crisp image no matter how steamy is in your bathroom. The only thing you need to fill its chamber with hot or warm water before shaving. After that you can focus your shaving without worrying about any fog on it. The size is moderate and it also allows for a suction cup mounting. Don’t miss this cost-effective mirror.

4. Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror

If you would not like to use any suction cup mounted mirror, you can try this model. This one has a hook that is backed with a very strong adhesive, making this rectangular mirror keep firmly in place. Therefore, this one enable you to focus on your shaving business. The hot water will activate its fogless feature and you will get a superb clean reflection all the times while shaving.

5. Zadro 3x Mag Z Fogless Dual Sided Telescoping Shower Mirror

This Zadro is one of the best-selling fogless shower mirrors on the market. It offers 1x or 3x magnification. It is also activated by hot water. You can easily attach it to your shower head and begins to enjoy a comfortable shaving. Plus, it also comes with a razor tray for easy storage for your razor.