How to Choose the Best Shower Water Filter

Water used in bathing can be classified as hard water or soft water. It doesn’t stand for the literal hardness of water, if there is such. On the contrary, what differentiates them is the mineral content of water. Hard water contains high content of minerals – like calcium, manganese, and magnesium carbonate – while soft water doesn’t. While hard water isn’t detrimental, it could react with cleaning materials, create buildups and wear down fixtures. To alleviate these effects, one could install a water softener or water filter. Those are great choices, but may cost one much. Is there another alternative, then? Surely. That is to install a shower water filter that would filter the water in the shower head.

Shower water filters get rid of the unwanted elements from the water. They come as built-in or on line and come in various brands on the market. Aside from removing dirt, chlorine or odor from the water, some could change the pH of the water, replicating that of soft water. In turn, showering with water filtered could enhance the quality of your skin and hair.

In line filters: This kind of filter is often compact and installed just after the shower arm. An important point to consider before buying this, though, is the possibility of this bringing the soared to a height lower than its current height. This could cause physical injuries if you ever forget that is low-hanging. However, this could be prevented by using a shower arm extension and the in line filter is good to be used, without the hassle of a lowered showered.

Built-in showerhead filters: As the name suggests, this kind is made and attached to a certain kind of showered to get the optimal results. Its advantage over the other filter is that some built-in filters have to spray patterns to choose from. Also, for those who already have a low showerhead or those who cannot afford fixtures taking up much space, this kind of filter probably is the best choice.

Shower water filters can be bought at most hardware and home improvement stores. A store usually offers one or two brands of these. One could ask someone from the store about the quality of the filter. For those who would like to have more brands and possibly better monetary value, purchasing from the Internet would satisfy that. Online reviews could be helpful in choosing the kind of filter that would suit your needs most.

This kind of filters needs replacement like other filters. The occurrence of replacement depends on the volume of water you use. Normally, the manufacturer’s advice to replace them every 6 months to a year. In that note, a low flow shower head is more advantageous for those who take long showers; this would increase the life span of the filter.

With all this said, one question that is the most vital of all needs to be answered. Are they easy to install? The answer is Y-E-S. Most of the filters nowadays can be installed in a jiffy.