How to keep your swimming pool safe? – 4 Gadgets can help

If you have a swimming pool, there can be a lot of fun for your family. However, if it is not used safely, there are some dangers around your pool. Well, How to keep your swimming pool safe? Firstly, security fences and rigid pool covers are essential to prevent non-swimmers from entering into the pool area or falling into the pool. Some states in the US even require pool owners to install a pool alarm, besides security fences and rigid pool covers. If you don’t adopt these protective means, you will break the law. Besides these basic methods, there are other security gadgets, security equipment and approaches to enhance the level of protection and give pool owners peace of mind.

In the following, we will discuss 4 different kinds of security equipment that can help us to prevent any visitors from any accidents, injury, or death.

How to keep your swimming pool safe

1. Infrared Motion Sensors

Generally, there are two types of Infrared Motion Sensors: pool mounted and wall/fence mounted.

Pool mounted:

Pool mounted infrared sensors are installed poolside. If they are breached, a high-decibel alarm will immediately be conveyed to your ears. Similar to wall/fence mounted systems, they will not sound false alarms from inanimate objects. And the response time is very narrow, so you can react immediately.

Fence/Wall Mounted:

They are designed to install and run atop the perimeter of the fence and wall surrounding the swimming pool. With their infrared beams, the entire swimming pool area can be effectively blanketed. Anyone who tries to climb over your wall or fence can be detected immediately. Once they are breached, they will immediately sound a high-decibel alarm to remind you something is happening near your pool. Therefore, they can prevent strangers or wild pets from trying to enter your pool area.

Both the two types systems can offer you basic security protection to the swimming pool.

2. Underwater Motion Alarms

You can install these systems during the construction of the pool or you also can install them on a already built pool. Therefore, they are very practical and versatile. These systems are able to emit a sonar grid under the water surface. And if breached, they can detect as soon as possible. They seldom emit false alarms because they only detect wind-generated movement in the water. And they are also sensitive enough to detect the smallest object falling into the water. Generally, they can offer you an excellent primary protection to a pool of any shape and size.

3. Surface Motion Alarms

This type of pool alarms is very popular due to their affordability and ease of use. They can work well if the water surface is calm and flat. When something disturbs the calm surface, they will sound an alarm. However, the limitation is also obvious. If the surface is disturbed by a strong wind, surface pool alarms will also sound an alarm immediately. Therefore, they only act as secondary security systems.

4. Personal Immersion Detector

Personal immersion detectors are a good choice to cooperate with a base alarm unit. These systems require each child to wear a wristband. Once children’s hands come into contact with water and make the wristband immersed, an immediate alarm will be sound on the base unit. They are perfect for parents who are playing with their children and want to prevent their children from dabbling. However, if the children are permitted to swim, the wristbands must be removed. Of course, if a child without wearing a wristband fall or jump into the pool, no alarm will be sound. In a word, they only act as secondary security equipment, because they have their limitations.

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