Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm Review

Why Your Baby Needs Such a Pool Alarm While They Are Near a Lake or Pool?

When you and your baby are near a lake or pool, you may feel nervous about the safety of your baby. And you may want to add some extra safety measure. In this situation, you really need a Safety Turtle pool alarm to sound an alert immediately once your baby touches, enters or drops into the water and you can react immediately to avoid any injury. Of course, any product cannot replace our parental supervision, but sometimes we cannot always keep an eye on our babies and Safety Turtle pool alarm at least can remind you of reacting as soon as possible once the water surface is disturbed. This pool alarm is perfect for those who spend much time near a lake with their babies, or who just have pools. In order to make it effective, it is highly recommended to use the turtle wristband constantly.

Pros & Cons


  • Sounds an alarm immediately and give you enough time to react if your baby enters the water.
  • The alarm is very loud and can be heard throughout your pool deck or even your whole house.
  • The carry case is weather-proof, so you can contentiously use it on boats or at lakes.
  • It also comes with additional wristbands, so one system can monitor more children.
  • It can be easily moved to new places where you need it. For example, you can move it to your neighbor’s pool, if your babies plan to play with their companions.


  • A little costly. You need to pay over $150 for Safety Turtle base and 1 wristband.
  • The price of 1 additional wristband is over $50.
  • It might lose its function if placing in saltwater pools.
  • Could malfunction in improperly balanced saltwater pools.
  • It is not recommended to use in sea water. It may lose its function.
  • An incorrect sense of safety may give parents.

Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm Description

  • Pool alarm system which sounds an alarm if babies enters the pool or lake
  • Includes 1 alarm base unit and 1 turtle wristband
  • Different color wristbands use different frequencies, so 2 systems cannot interfere with each other.
  • Turtle wristband design can reduce false alarms at the most extend.
  • It is portable, easy to use and dependable. Wristband battery can last for 4 years without replacing.

Buying Guide and Review

This pool alarm has its special design that is different from other mainstream pool alarms. It will sound an alarm as soon as possible when your baby just enters the water, while other pool alarms only sound an alarm when the pool surface is disturbed and broken. The alarm base can be powered by a battery or you can connect it to your wall plug. Your baby will wear a wristband that has a water-sensitive sensor. The sensor is built in the turtle. Once the sensor is contacted with water, it will trigger a sound alarm.

To reduce the chances of sounding false alarms, the wristband is specially designed. If the turtle is just sprayed and splashed, it will not trigger an alarm. For example, if your baby is just playing a water pistol, it will not sound an alarm. It is easy to operate the wristband. A small key is used to lock the wristband in hand. And it also allows adjusting the length of the band according to the size of your baby’s wrist.

As a submersion pool alarm, the alarm sounds are very loud and can be heard throughout most houses and homes. I have tested its performance. It sounded an alarm immediately upon submersion in the swimming pool and in the lake nearby. It also offers more expansion units to cover wider areas, but these units should be purchased separately. If you have more than 1 baby, you can buy extra wristbands and use the same base unit. The wristbands come in up to 6 colors. And each color wristband uses a different frequency, so they will not interfere with each other. Therefore, if you plan to buy extra wristbands, make sure the color you choose matches the color of the turtle on its base, or the wristband you bought will not be effective. The portable feature is also my favorite, which means I can easily take it to other pools without much effort.

In the End

One thing you need to especially pay attention to this pool alarm cannot replace parental supervision. Even if it doesn’t sound an alarm, you must make sure your babies are safe when they are near water. It is highly recommended to use the Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm together with other pool alarms, which can give you double insurance.