Top 11 Best LED Light Bars

Occasional car lamps aren’t enough in low-light or foggy conditions. LED bulbs are a practical choice to give increased visibility. LED light bars mounted to a vehicle help to improve on standard car lamps while also providing extra tuning. For the outdoor occasions, an LED bar is a practical option to help illuminate the nearby area. Plus, in the event of a road accident, the brightness of these lights is extremely helpful. The LED bars give complete versatility in installation and easily mounted to not only cars, but also off-road vehicles, boats and utility service trucks. LEDs are energy-efficient with a long lifespan that has the potential to last 50,000 hours.

11 Best LED Light Bar Reviews

If you are looking for the best LED light bar, we have made this list of best LED light bars for you to choose from. Our selection is based on their overall performance, prices, ratings, ease of use, and customer reviews. Let’s look at a few of the best LED bar lights in the market:

Eyourlife 52 inch 300W Light Bar

Eyourlife is a favored manufacturer of LED bar lights with a choice of size options, such as those at 42 inches and 52 inches in width. The lights are practical for a wide range of vehicles like tractors, Mini’s and SUV’s. The 52 inch light bar has 100 high-power lights fitted inline. The Epistar LEDs give greater light intensity. It has a solid body build in die cast aluminum and consumes about 300W. Each lens is made of PC glass to give proper transparency. An Alu firm bracket is included guaranteeing solid and rigid mounting. The pure white lights are clear and vibrant and it complies with the CE, IP68 certification to confirm it is waterproof.

TMH 120w Cree Light Bar

The high-powered TMH 120W LED Cree Light Bar is a perfect choice for off road vehicles, as well as trucks, farm, and construction vehicles. It stands at a width 20 inches and includes a total of 40 LED bulbs. The inner 32 bulbs are titled to a 30° angle and act as spot lights for perfect visibility. The remaining 8 bulbs are tilted to a 60° angle to give the all important flood lights. These LEDs are designed by Cree and provide a total running time of 30,000+ hours and use 3W per bulb. Heavy duty aluminum is used for the bar housing and supplied with extra strong hardware to mount to a vehicle. It is built to be weatherproof and complies with the waterproof certification, IP67. Plus, the Lumen flux is above 7500LM and input voltage is 9-32V.

WoneNice 52″ 300W LED Driving Light Bar 4WD

The WoneNice 52 inch LED Driving Light Bar is certain to illuminate the way. This light bar has 100 high-intensity LEDs and consumes a total of 300w (3w for each bulb). Its pitch black body is complemented by the pure white lights. Light aluminum is used for the housing and gives great versatility in mounting to an off road vehicle. This particular LED bar light complies with the IP67 certification to confirm it is waterproof. The light bar is designed to give a flood pattern with the bulbs tilted to a 60° angle, while a spot beam is a further option. Its 10-30V DC input makes it a practical choice for 4WD trucks. WoneNice states a lifespan in the region of 30,000 hours.

Autofeel 42″ Led Light Bar

The AutoFeel Triple Row LED Light Bar is a further model with high-intensity Cree lights. The three rows of lights have a total of 90 LEDs with 270W in total (3W for each bulb). The color temperature of the three rows is 6000K and the Lumen flux is rated at 27,000LM. The bright white lights are energy-efficient with a 93% rating and powered by a 10V-30V DC input. Multiple sizes are available, including the 42 inch and 52 inch (standard and curved). The lights are built with a military grade breather and comply with the IP67 waterproof certification. It is solidly built with an aluminum alloy housing that easily dissipates heat. The LED lifespan for this light bar is estimated at 50,000 hours. Plus, the mounting system is safe and secure and cannot be removed without using the purpose made wrench.

u-Box 7inch 18W Cree Chip 1″ inch Extreme Slim Led Light Bar Flood Beam

The u-Box LED light bar is built to be extremely slim with a thickness limited to 1 inch. This high intensity bar has 6 Cree LEDs that consumes 3W each. It is powered by 9-32V and designed and certified with electronic circuits that are vibration proof. The housing of the light bar is protected with a UV resistant polyester powder to avoid paint fading from long-term exposure to sunlight. Each lens of the u-Box LED light bar is made using PC, so has the ability to stand up to minor shocks. The high-quality LEDs are designed to stay clear and will not yellow or fog over time, which leads to a loss of intensity.

Auxbeam LED Light Bar 50 Inch Curved 5D Lens 288W 28800LM

The high-powered Auxbeam 50 Inch LED light bar has two rows of OSRAM LEDs and a curved design. These LEDs give a wide and a very long range of visibility. The natural curved design has the dual function of providing a flood view with a 40° angle and a hyper spot with a 10° angle. Each lens is built with fisheye technology to give the most productive spread of strong light. This light bar has 96 high-intensity LEDs, which consume 288W of power and have a lumens flux rating of 28,800LM. It is solidly built and waterproof with an aluminum housing that guarantees its shockproof and dustproof properties, as well as having a huge heat sink. Plus, the light bar is able to comply with the latest IP67 certificate and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

LAMPHUS CRUIZER 36″ 234W CREE LED Off Road Truck Vehicles Lightbar

The LAMPHUS LED light bar has 24 high-intensity Cree bulbs and stands at a total length of 12 inches. The power consumption for the light bar is 72W with each light consuming 3W. The lumen flux is rated at 5,700LM and the lights are 6000K color. The LAMPHUS CRUIZER unit is highly rated when compared to alternative products in the market at a similar price range. This LED light bar is manufactured with cast aluminum housing and granted an IP67 certificate, which confirms its waterproof properties. Each of the lenses is built with PMMA to give extra shatter proof resistance. The rugged build and design makes these LED lights perfect for off-road jeeps or trucks. The light type is spot focus that covers a useful distance. The bulbs are set at a fixed angle of 30°. Plus, the light bar is packed with a weather pack connector.

Kohree 14.5″ 90W 7800lm Cree Spot Flood Combo Beam Led Work Light Bar

The Kohree 14.5 inch Cree LED Light Bar is uniquely designed to give a stylish look while giving an extra boost of light at night. This light bar is compact enough to mount on the vehicle’s bumper and only weighs 5 lbs. The Cree LEDs give a high-level of intensity and consume a total of 90W. The light bar housing is die cast aluminum, which is quakeproof and complies with the CE, ROSH certifications to ensure it meets Euro standards and is waterproof. The body of the light bar is solid and able to stand up to outside exposure. The range distance of these Kohree work lights is more impressive than conventional LEDs. It is backed by a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Xprite E2 Series 7.5″ Inch 36 Watt 12 LEDs

The Xprite Off-Road LED light bar is well-built and relatively inexpensive. It is built with a total of 12 heavy-duty LEDS and stands 7.5 inches in width. The power usage is low at only 36W, and supports 12V and 24V power inputs. It is easily mounted to virtually any free space on the off-road vehicle. The LEDs are very efficient with the capacity to last up to 30,000 hours. It is built to be lightweight with aluminum alloy cast housing. Plus, it is shake proof and rust proof. The housing is temperature resistant and designed to give useful heating elimination. The Xprite has IP67 certification to confirm it has the desired waterproof qualities. The Lumen flux is rated at 2160LM and it comes with installation kit.

TURBO SII Osram 20″ Inch Led Light Bar

TURBO SII 20 inch LED light bar is a practical choice to complement the existing car lamps. It is built with 42 high-power OSRAM LEDs with a total consumption of 126W (3W for each bulb). The lumens flux is rated at 12,600LM and accepts any 10V-30V based DC power input. It is constructed in 6063 aluminum and mounted using steel brackets. Each lens is made of PC and gives a great level of safety. The TURBO SII is perfect for a wide range of vehicles, including ATVs, off roads, tow truck, motorcycle, and mining vehicles. It complies with IP67 certification to make it waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof, as well as making it a useful choice for heavy-duty vehicles. The LEDs are energy-efficient and stated to have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Zone Tech 36W LED Bar Work Light

The Zone Tech LED light bar is a useful addition to an SUV to work on a foggy or dark night. The pure and bright light has the ability to give a color intensity of 6500K. The LEDs give a range of visibility options with tilted angles and spot vision. The housing of the light bar is a light metal for a reliable strength-to-weight ratio and is easily mounted to the vehicle body. This Zone Tech unit accepts multiple power inputs to make it a practical choice for most vehicles, including off-road, farming, mining, emergency vehicles, etc. Plus, it has a useful heat sink design to make sure the heat is effectively dissipated.