Top 5 Best Baby Carriers Wirecutter Reviews

Baby wearing has a long history and it is really a centuries-old tradition. Old style baby carriers were not comfortable to wear. Thanks to modern technology, today’s baby carriers are more practice, comfortable and convenient to wear. Even compared with baby strollers, their ease of use, convenience and comfort are also impressive.

If you are going to try baby wearing, but you don’t know how to start and which one is the best, we have made this list of best baby carriers for you to help you quickly find the right one both for you and your baby. No matter you want to choose a baby wrap, or a baby sling, or a soft baby carrier, the carriers on our list are all best-selling and more popular on the market.

Best Baby Carrier

Sometimes, as a mom, you may need to wash dishes or go out for a walk but at the same time you also need to hold your baby. In this situation, a baby carrier is a must and will be your ideal solution. And you don’t need to load up the baby stroller. On the other hand, baby carriers are helpful to promote bonding between parents and the baby, helping for emotional development. Plus, they are more convenient than a baby stroller or a baby car seat. They are far less cumbersome. On the market, there are plenty of baby carriers to choose from and choosing the best one for your baby and you will be a personal choice. However, which one to choose is really a headache for many parents.

  • Fortunately, we have made this list of the best baby carriers for you to choose from. The choosing criteria include:
  • Top selling brands – they are all from the top selling brands and they are sold a lot.
  • Positive Customer Reviews – Beside their popularity, they also have received many positive customer reviews both on the manufacturer website and Amazon.
  • Comfort – The comfort for both the baby and parent really matters. They are all comfortable to use thanks to their high quality materials and ergonomic designs.
  • Durability – they are designed to last for at least 1 year for your newborns, due to their high quality materials.

We have made this list of top 5 best baby carriers for you to choose from. You can choose the best baby wrap carrier or best baby sling based on your preference.

1. Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier Black Camel

This Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier Black Camel is designed to be comfortable for both the parent and the baby. It is very easy to wear and allow you to position it on your back, chest, or hip. Plus, it also includes zippered storage pockets that are perfect for storing small things, like baby pacifiers, keys, and other essentials. However, the price is a little expensive.

2. BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier

This BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier is very soft and durable, and it allows you to position on your back or chest according to your preference. Therefore, it is really a versatile baby carrier that will grow with your little one. Beside its comfortable to wear, it also comes in hundreds of fabric options for you to choose from. And you also always find the right one depending on preference.

3. Happy Wrap Organic Bamboo Baby Carrier

This one is designed to last at least 1 or 2 first year of your infant. It is one of the top rated baby carriers thanks to its comfort for wearing. The material is organic viscose bamboo that is machine-washable. This baby wrap is breathable, stretchy and soft. It is able to keep you and your baby much cooler than other baby carriers in warm seasons.

4. Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is an awarding-winning carrier you can trust. It is perfect for babies in their first 15 months. What’s more, it also comes with extra head support for your newborns. Its design tends to be gender-neutral, so both mom and dad can wear it without worrying about its style and colors. Its ease of use (easy-on and easy-off features) makes it very popular among parents who don’t like a wrap due to the complicated wearing.

5. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is completely made of 100% cotton, so it can be comfortable and durable to use. Its versatility is also impressive. It offers up to 6 positions for you to choose to position. The parents who have purchased this spoke highly of its comfort and easy positioning.

Best Baby Wrap Carrier

If you are a mom of a newborn and as a fashion woman, want to embrace the baby-wearing trend, a baby wrap carrier is really a must to start. They are soft and snugly. When you don’t need to wear it, it is so easy to pack into your diaper bag. Beside its convenience, a wrap carrier also can promote boding between you and your newborn. You can carry your newborn in cocoon-like comfort. Some baby wraps even feature a special design that allows moms to easily breastfeed their newborns without taking off the wrap.

We’ve chosen the top 5 best baby carriers for you to choose from. They all can be customized for both men and women, so they all can fit a large variety of sizes and shapes. And they all can offer the high level of comfort. We also check many customer reviews on manufacturer websites and on Amazon to make sure they are all top rated.

1. Baby Hawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier

This baby wrap offers plenty of fabric options to satisfy your personal preference. This one is very versatile and you can completely customize it according to your needs. As a soft wrap, it is also very durable. Many moms spoke highly of its ease of use features, like easy and comfortable to wear, and easy to attach.

2. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

This baby carrier was designed for newborns loving to be swaddled like a baby swaddle. In this wrap, newborns will feel snug and nice. For moms, its comfort makes it more popular among moms. It can fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds. It offers up to 4 positions for you to choose from, so your baby can face inward, outward, or ride on your back or hip. Therefore, you can choose the most comfortable position for both you and your baby.

3. Happy Wrap Organic Bamboo Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is made of soft, luxurious and organic bamboo, so it is very eco-friendly. Many moms who have used it spoke highly of its soft and comfort. Its moisture-wicking properties will make you and your baby feel cool even in hot weather.

4. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

The impressive features of this Baby K’tan Baby Carrier are its versatility and simplicity. Besides as a baby wrap, it also doubles as a baby sling. It is also very easy to use and there is no any complicated bulky hardware and wrap techniques.

5. Boba Baby Wrap

This Boba baby wrap use Frenc terry as its main material, so it is very soft and super-stretchy. Many moms choose it due to its comfort to wear. Plus, many customers spoke highly of its breathable feature and ease of caring for. Even while you are wearing it, you can breastfeed your infants with ease.

Best Baby Sling

Baby sling is designed to be easy to wear. This is different from traditional baby carriers that need to strap to both shoulders. A baby sling is easily worn across just a single shoulder, so it is more comfortable to wear. And it is also very easy to take off. If you dislike the complicated wearing of a baby wrap, you can try a baby sling and you will be amazed at its simplicity. However, a sling doesn’t offer extra head support, so it is recommended to use for babies over 4 months old. Before using a sling, you’d better ask your pediatrician for advice. If you get the go ahead, you can start to choose the right baby sling for you and your baby.

We’ve made this list of the best baby slings, because they are easy to wear and take off, durable to last through a baby’s infancy, ratings and customer reviews from parents who have purchased and used them.

1. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

This Baby K’tan is very versatile. It comes with 2 carriers in one. It can be used both as a sling and a wrap. Many moms loves its versatility, because moms can use it to carry their infants in up to 6 different positions.

2. Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Baby Sling

This one comes in many fun and modern fabrics options for you to choose from. Besides its fashion feature, moms also love its functionality. This best baby sling wears comfortable, cool and convenient.

3. Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Baby Ring Sling

This baby sling is one of the most popular baby slings you can find on the market. This is because it is designed to be beautiful. It is made of hand-loomed fabric, making it soft to wear. It is also very easy to adjust according to your needs.

4. The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling

This adjustable sling is made of spandex and cotton sateen, making it very soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear. It is also very friendly to moms who need to breastfeed their babies on the go.

5. Balboa Baby Dr. Sears Adjustable Sling

This adjustable sling is highly recommended by many moms due to its comfort to wear. Plus, baby can easily get in and out of it. Once you have worn it, you will find it is so convenient to use this baby sling.