Top 5 Best Cycling Gloves Reviews

If you are a cyclist, at least, you need cycling gloves, because they don’t only make a beginner rider look like a professional but also provide some basic functionalities while riding. These basic functionalities include warmth (especially in winter), comfort, face and nose wiping and protection.

Best Cycling Gloves Reviews


Gloves are often used to keep our hands warm in cold winter. Our hands are exposed to the cold air when we have a ride in winter, which can make our hands colder and colder and finally make our hands lost all the sensation. Therefore, in the cold winter, if you have a ride, wearing a pair of gloves is very important.


While cycling, any sudden road shocks can be transmitted to the handlebars where our hands can feel prolonged pressure against, placing a great deal of stress on our hands and making our hands sore for a long time riding. Gloves are helpful to increase comfort for a ride.

Face and nose wiping

If you want to use clothes or paper tissues to wipe the sweat from the face and nose, you’ll find it is difficult, time-consuming and dangerous to do that, so many riders are used to using the backs of their gloves to do the job. This is effective.


Gloves are essential for most any ride as they can keep your hands dry, dampen road vibration and offer better grip. If you take a pill, they can protect you from painful road abrasions.

There are many types of gloves you can choose from on the market. However, the gloves you choose must fit you and your riding style. We’ve pick out top 5 best cycling gloves based on their function, fit, features and customer reviews. You can choose one of them according to your preference.

1. Pearl iZUMi Cyclone Gel Gloves

The Pearl iZUMi Cyclone Gel is a long finger glove which is ideal for cooler riding conditions. Both men and women can wear this unisex glove. What’s more, it comes in many color options. It can satisfy your requirements if you are a pickiest rider.

2. Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves

This Garneau Mondo can provide you comfort for any types of riding. You can wear them for your next road race to achieve high grades. They are also perfect for your commute to work. And you will feel comfortable if you have a ride on the train trail. It deserves a try.

3. Giro Bravo Cycling Gloves

If you need a traditional short-fingered glove, this Giro Bravo is a good choice, because it is affordable and comes with several color options. It also features breathable mesh, 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking. It can effectively protect your hands.

4. Pearl iZUMi PRO Pittards Gel Cycling Gloves

With this glove, you can get extreme comfort, durability and dampening. It can relieve nerve pressure on your hands if you have a long ride. The Pittards leather can offer great softness and durability.

5. Giro Hoxton SF Gloves

If you are an urban commuter, Giro Hoxton SF Gloves are great. They come in both short and long finger styles and two color options. This non-padded glove can protect your hands while commuting to work or when you have a short ride. However, it is not be a good choice for longer riding because of the lack of padding.


As essential equipment for riding, cycling gloves can protect our hands and make us feel comfortable while riding.