Top 5 Best Floor Jacks Reviews

When it comes to a floor jack, it is really a very important investment, because it is really an important tool in a shop. Therefore, we should make a wise decision on buying the best floor jack. Of course, performance and safety are the 2 most important factors, no matter for amateur mechanics or professionals. I think no one loves a poor quality and performance one. Both repair shops and tire stores know the importance of a high quality floor jack. Dependability is more important than other factors.

How to Choose The Best

Floor jacks have a long history, but they haven’t changed much since the first floor jock was invented by Scottish immigrant Richard Dudgeon in 1851. When we draw the pump handle each time, a check valve will be opened and the pump cylinder is filled with hydraulic fluid. Therefore, if you are looking for the best floor jack, you should pay attention to the quality of workmanship and the quality of materials.

Choose the right one

There are so many kinds of different floor jacks available on the market, but they were designed for different jobs. Choose the one which can satisfy your requirements. As a rolling tool, a jack must have a realizable rolling system. Choose a 3-wheel jack and it must be capable of carrying the weight of whatever you plan to lift. Why choose a 3-wheel model? This is because it is useful and stable like 3-wheel shopping cart.

The hydraulic cylinder is the heart

The heart of a floor jack is its hydraulic cylinder. The jack floor you plan to buy must have adequate hydraulic lifting system. You should ask whether you can get new hydraulic seals or a new pump sometime down the road if you need them. If the answer is negative, you have enough reasons not to get it. A dependable jack is very important. If you are a professional, you are using a jack to lift thousands of dollars of other’s property up into the air. If there is a leaking problem with its hydraulic oil seals, it is not trustworthy.

Choose one that has a saddle with a wide surface area.

The saddle makes direct contact with the vehicles. Its wide surface area can disperse the weight of the vehicle. An adequate swivel of the saddle is also very important, because the jack will inch forward as the saddle rises with every pump of the handle. If the swivel is poor, it may cause slippage or damage to the vehicles.

Don’t neglect smaller things.

Some small things we may neglect are the size of the axles, the size of swivels on the caster wheels and the crown nuts on the wheel axle. Maybe they are the smallest things. However, paying attention to the details of these smallest things can enable you to find the best value for your money.

Top 5 best floor jacks

In a vehicle fleet, there are different vehicles which are different from the types and sizes. The best floor jack should reach underneath even the smallest vehicle in the vehicle fleet and also can lift up the bigger vehicles. The following top 5 best floor jacks were chosen due to their performance, dependability and versatility. Choose one of them and you will find it is easy to lift up the vehicle to the air.

1. Snap-on YA700B Hydraulic Service Jack

This unit has a 5,000 lbs. capacity and its weight is less than 100 lbs – very portable. The maximum lifting height is 23”. And it even can fit under 4.75 inch clearances. The workmanship is also perfect. Its side palates are made from flanged steel, which can increase strength. Grit and grime cannot enter into it because of a sealed hydraulic unit. This design can extend the pump life. What’s more, the bell crank is made from the cast iron and has an in-line pump assembly. This design can avoid off balance lifting.

2. Milwaukee 20 – 2 Ton Hydraulic Service Jack

This model is one of the most popular and best floor jacks on the market. Although some features seem not comparable to the Snap-on YA700B, the affordability is an obvious advantage. If you need a best value one, you can choose this.

3. Hein-Werner 2 Ton Professional Jack HW93642

The Hein Warner HW93642 is also affordable, great for the money. It has many advanced features which are only found in high-end models. It comes with a manageable weight for ease of use and it is really a low profile but performs great.

4. Arcan Aluminum Quick Lift Service Jack – 2-Ton, Model# ALJ2T

If you are not a professional, this Arcan Aluminum Quick Lift Service Jack – 2-Ton, Model is your best choice. It is designed for DIYers and homeowners who only use a jack occasionally. As a 2-ton floor jack, it offers the best value.

5. Sunex Tools 6602ASJ Aluminum Service Jack

If you need a superb portable one, you can consider this Sunex Tools 6602ASJ. It is so portable and easy to carry. Its special 2-piece handle makes it easy for lifting. You can take it anywhere you need to lift.

Floor Jack Buying Guides

With such a varied range of floor jacks it can be difficult to determine the most practical model for the specific needs. The market for these jacks is quite broad and prices are wide-ranging.

How to decide on the right one

In an effort to answer this question we have created this website with the intention of providing in-depth and 100% honest reviews.

So, why not take a look through our reviews to help pick the best floor jack at a price that matches your budget. Also, should you have any questions or concerns related to our site, simply get in touch using our contact us page or post a comment in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What garage floor jack do I need?

To make it easier to compare the different floor jacks, we have created a useful comparison table below. This table highlights the top four floor jacks on the market for their respective price range.

Put safety first

Any garage floor jack that is holding up a vehicle while you are working underneath or changing a tire needs to be safe to use. So, with safety in mind, it is important to avoid the low-cost, inferior products that could collapse while in use. Every year there are a high number of people injured from a low-quality jack or using the incorrect model with the wrong load rating. Don’t sacrifice quality over cost for this particular tool.

One of the major points to consider is the total amount of weight the jack is able to accept. Most of the garage jacks are rated to accept a weight in the region of 2 or 3-tons. The preferred option is to go with 3-tons to be on the safe side. This isn’t the type of tool that should be compromised on safety or strength..

Plus, the garage floor jacks listed are built to accept a load of up to 3-ton.

Low-profile jacks

The type or design of the garage floor jack is a further concern. There are low-cost jacks that aren’t even able to roll under a lowered vehicle. But, there is plenty of low-profile jacks that easily fit in the small spaces.

Garage floor jack reviews

The reviews that above relate to the best floor jacks listed in our table. Each of these jacks is an excellent choice; it is simply a case of choosing one that matches the budget. The jacks listed have maximum lift capacity of 3-ton. Even though there are 2-ton jacks, the extra lift power adds an extra layer of safety and is still usable in the event of buying a heavy SUV or similar vehicle in the future.