Top 5 Best Foosball Tables Reviews

When it comes to Foosball table, it is really an elegant game. I like its simplicity because everyone knows how to pay. It is really a funny game for recreation rooms and sports bars for generations. However, when you plan to buy a table for your family den or fraternity house, there are some important buying tips you should understand to make a wise decision.

How to Choose The Best Foosball Tables?

  • The one you want to buy must be made from high quality materials. Therefore, the high quality of the Foosball men,  game cabinet, rods and playing surface are very important. Buying such a table is really pricey. It is really a considerable financial investment. Therefore, it must last a long time.
  • Choose the Foosball men with pointed feet which are opposed to round. This can improve the stability for better control.
  • The rods should be much lighter, so you can move it faster to give more speed on your ball. The rods should be hollow. The material should be machine grade steel.
  • Table’s surface is also very important. It should be smooth and hard. The cabinet materials should be composite materials or strong wood.
  • The weight is also important. The heavier, the better. This is because that can keep it firmly in place and make gameplay stay consistent.
  • Other considerations such as adjustable legs, wooden or rubber grip handles as well as ball return placement are also very important. And keep away from particle board in any part of the Foosball table.

Just remember these parts should be top notch.

Top 5 Best Foosball Tables

If you are planning to buy a Foosball table, you may feel it is difficult to decide which one to choose from. The following top 5 best Foosball tables were chosen according to standards above and you can choose one of them, shortening your searching time.

1. Bonzini B90 Foosball Table

All the features on the B90 are amazing. The telescoping rods are made of chrome plated ground steel. Unlike other models, these rods don’t extend out of the opposite side of the cabinet. This one is also a compact one, saving space for you. It also has a safety measure and you don’t need to worry about your kids who might get injured due to a protruding rod sliding out. The handles are also interchangeable, so you can change them according to your gripping preference. The cabinet is also made of solid Beechwood and it comes in 2 different colors to choose from. It is the most special table on this list. Under the looks, there is something valuable. Its playability is terrific. The figurines are made of metal and have a curved foot that enables you to have firm command of the ball. Therefore, you can easily pass these guys. These feet are able to play with Bonzini’s select raw cork ball. Compared with urethane, this design can give it more grip. In a word, this one is a great model you can trust.

2. Warrior Classic Foosball Table

This is a new model of Warrior Classic Foosball table. It has all the characteristics which make their tables so perfect for the game. Even the United States and International Table Soccer Federations recognize its great performance. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced players because of its durability. It is durable enough, so it is ok even after hours upon hours of abuse. Its accurate design allows you to easily control the ball. The table is easy to assemble. Its rods also have special guards which are useful to prevent injuries during moving in and out the opposite sides of the table. Each rod is designed with an ergonomic profile, which is comfortable to hold. And the rods are made of durable synthetic rubber, so you don’t need to worry about splitting, cracking or bending problems. The rods are made of 14mm solid chrome. It is thin enough to help you easily control them, which can increase the torque of the shot and allow you to easily speed your Foosball men. The Foosball men are also well-designed and well-built, making you easily control them. What’s more, a 3-year warranty is included. Therefore, it deserves to have.

3. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

This Tornado Tournament 3000 is definitely one of the best Foosball tables on the market. Each facet is high quality. Both the playing field and cabinet are aluminum brushed laminated. The rods are made from bend-resistant steel. The rods are equipped with thin, 3-piece competition style bearings which allow you to control the ball easily. This means this design allows you to make your players much closer to the sidewalls, so that you can easily block shots. Counterbalanced Foosball men have been designed for better ball contact, improving passing and shot accuracy. Interchangeable playing handles are color coded. This means they are in compliance with tournament play. This table also has tournament style score counters. This table is stationary and solid, because it uses commercial grade legs. Therefore, if you wan to buy one for tournament play, you can select this.

4. Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Table

The Garlando G-500 is well-built and durable. It is also very easy to assemble. Basically, you only need to slap on the legs, the rods and bearings. So easy, isn’t it? After putting all together, you will find how great it is. The rods slid consistently and quickly. They telescope safely, preventing injuries from protrusions. The Foosball men have been permanently modeled to the rods, making them unbreakable. What’s more, it is also a waterproofed one, so you can make it for outdoor use.

5. Dynamo Blaster Foosball Table

If you need an entry-level table, you can choose this best foosball table. This doesn’t mean it is not a terrific table. Actually, it is well-built and it weighs 205 lbs. It is sturdy and durable. Its 3/4” playing surface and 1” thick MDF cabinet are all coated in a melamine finish, which can protect the table. It is ideal for dorm or home use. If you are a casual player, you will not notice the difference between an entry-level table and a professional table.

Buying Guide For The Best Foosball Tables

A foosball table can be hours of fun for the family. But, it is important to shop for the right style, design and build to match the specific needs. Why not read our buying guide for foosball tables to find one that meets all of your needs.

Intended use

A significant point to consider relates to the intended use of the foosball table. The perfect table can set the right tone for family fun and careful thought should be given to the different features. For instance, for the family with small children, it is critical to hunt for the small edition of the foosball table. Also, color and design of the table can be more aimed on the younger players.

But, for the business interested in commercial use, a foosball table is certain to get a lot of heavy play, so a more solidly built table is worth the extra investment. By carefully considering the intended use, you will be in a much better position to find a foosball table that matches the specific needs.


The size and dimension of the foosball table relate to the overall space for playing. For instance, a large table at 42-inches in length is a practical and comfortable for 4 players. The size of the table should match the kids and adults wishing to play. A small table can leave players constantly waiting turns which may start to get quite frustrating over time. Also, the height of the table can have a negative impact on play if it is too short for adults or too high for kids. Try to match the size of the table to the intended users.


The build material and construction are serious considerations. Firstly, the build material will impact the sturdiness of the table. The most solid materials are metal or wood. But they are likely to be quite a bit more expensive than the alternatives in plastic. A mid-range table can include those in pressboard or other composite materials. This is typically strong enough to handle frequent use – although the specific thickness of the wood can vary.

The foosball tables constructed in a low-quality material is more inclined to have playability issues. For instance, the playing rods may not rotate smoothly, or the playing surface has lumps and bumps that prevent the flowing movement of the ball. It can be difficult to know the durability of a particular type of table without playing on it first. So, make sure to carefully consider the table’s construction and go with the build that will easily stand up to the intended play. If a foosball table appears really cheap, there may be a reason for this, such as low-quality materials.


The intended location of the foosball table is an important consideration. Make sure to identify the space in the home or business before starting the shopping process. When a preferred space is found, make sure to take measurements for not only the actual table, but also consider the players standing at the sides. Buying a table that is just a little too big for the intended space is certain to be quite frustrating. Once the measurements are known, you are in a better position to know which tables are available to purchase.

Try to be quite generous with the measurements. There is of course the need to consider the extra space for the rods moving in and out. It may even help to visualize how well the table will look in a particular room. It rarely helps to try squeezing a foosball table into a space that is only just about big enough for the table. Make sure the playing space is spacious and comfortable and gives the freedom for players to actively use the rods on both sides of the table. Also, read the description of each table to determine whether the dimensions mentioned relate to the table with or without the rods.


Some foosball tables have more usability and safety features than others. Safety is certain to be of importance for the tables intended for the children. One area to look at is the rods. The more child-friendly tables have rods with protectors on the end to avoid issues with fingers getting caught. Plus, a ball recovery system is useful to avoid having to reach into the table to retrieve the ball.

Safety is always a major concern in the work environment. So the foosball table needs to be carefully placed in a work setting that isn’t likely to cause harm to employees. The safety rules should apply to any location where the foosball table is used outside the home. A reason for this is that injuries in a place of work or other commercial setting can lead to legal difficulties.


The aesthetics of the foosball table is certain to be an important aspect for many. With such a wide range of designs and styles for these tables, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding something that matches the needs. Many tables include fun graphics and sleek designs. Plus, the actual foosball players can be painted with the traditional red and blue peg style to the more distinct and unique colors. The look and design is simply down to personal choice. With such a range of choices, finding the right table can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Final remarks

Most would-be foosball table owners aren’t aware of the wide-ranging choices until they start looking. When you start to review the different makes and styles, make sure to invest a little time on reading the table description and other relevant information. This should give a complete overview of what is offered. Simply by reading through a bullet point list, it is possible to see something that could make a complete deal breaker or something that you absolutely love. Make sure to know what you are getting from a foosball table before making the final commitment to purchase.