Top 5 Best Handheld Pool Vacuums Reviews

If owning a pool is your dream or if you current have a pool at your home, a pool vacuum is a necessary tool to help keep it clean and sparkling all year round. Of course, having a pool means you want to have the best handheld pool vacuum available. It is important to do the research and find the perfect model for you. There are quite a few options out there, so be sure to do your research. You’ll need to look at features like the size of the vacuum and just what it is made to suction up from your pool.

The best handheld pool vacuums will take care of all debris in the pool but also be durable. They must be easy to use too. You should be able to clean your collection filter, bag or box whenever it is full so that means being able to access it easily. If it is easy to use, you’ll spend less time cleaning your pool and more time using it!

Best Handheld Pool Vacuums

1. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max

Simply the best handheld pool vacuum in this review, the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max can handle debris on a variety of pool coatings. It is easy to carry and move and also easy to clean. The vacuum is battery powered and has a rechargeable battery. To clean the unit, removed the collection bag, it is that easy! To use this vacuum you simply put it on the end of your normal pool handles and move it through the water or down the sides of your pool. Simple to use and works well!

2. Aqua Broom Battery Operated Pool Vacuum

The Aqua Broom is perfect if you just need to clean your pool once in a while or if you have a smaller pool. It is great at collecting leaves and debris from the pool bottom. The unit has a small collection bag that is easy to clean. The Aqua Broom is economical and fits within every budget. It is battery powered and can take rechargeable batteries if you decide to purchase them. It is one of the cheaper vacuums in this review but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality. You’ll be very pleased with the vacuums ability to clean your pool and pick up debris.

3. Catfish PPV Pool Cleaner

If you’re looking for a pool vacuum that works without worry, the Catfish PPV Pool Cleaner is for you. It is also lower in price than some of the other options in this review but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done. It has batteries and is rechargeable with an average battery life of one hour. It is a great pool cleaner but it can be hard to maneuver and some angles are difficult for the vacuum to manage. It doesn’t affect how the vacuum works, just know that it may require a little more attention to use. It is a very good pool vacuum and will work well for most people. The price is right and the vacuum will handle common debris found in your pool.

4. Universal Leaf Gulper Pool Vacuum

The Leaf Gulper Pool Vacuum is made to get those annoying leaves out of your pool. It doesn’t matter what type of pool you have either, the Gulper does the job perfectly. It works mostly on leaves stuck to the bottom and can handle other debris too. The vacuum comes with a handy, large collection bag that is easy to clean. Since the bag is larger, you don’t have to empty it that often either. It’s very convenient and made to last. The price is also well within anyone’s budget so you get a lot of vacuum for your money here. If leaves are the main problem in your pool, we recommend this model.

5. GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum

The GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum is a vacuum that operates on hand power, no batteries or electrical power required. That’s right, you heard correctly. The GAME gets its suction from the motion of the handle. It is a great vacuum for either your pool or Jacuzzi and it is easy to use. It can handle a variety of debris too! From leaves to dirt and grim, this model is perfect for keeping your pool clear and clean. If you have a larger pool, it may be a little harder to use this particular vacuum but it works great for small applications.