Top 5 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables Reviews

It may be necessary for you to literally get down on your knees when you are maintaining or repairing a motorcycle. Due to this, you may end up with an aching back and sore knees. This may even make you want to look for another job.

However, you can make your life easier by getting a motorcycle lift table. This hardware lifts the bike to a suitable height. Due to this, it is easier for you to access the engine and other parts of the bike. Lift tables were once expensive. Due to this, only professional bike shops used them. But, they have become much cheaper.

What are motorcycle lift tables?

Motorcycle lift tables are flat steel plates where you put the bike on. The bike is locked using wheel-chocks or wheel vices at each end. Wheel-chocks secure the bike in place. Some models have metal d-loops that secure the bike using tie-downs.

The steel plates of the table normally have textured surfaces. The bike tires grip these surfaces to prevent slippage. Many lift tables have ramps to make it easy to wheel a bike on or off. These can be easily removed once you start using the lift table.

After securing the bike, you can raise the table to a convenient height. Hydraulics or compressed air systems raise the lift table. Hydraulic lift tables are self-contained systems operated using foot pedals. The foot pedals of these models raise or lower the table. Lift tables using air systems require an air compressor. Due to this, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Lift tables are limited when it comes to the weight they can handle. Therefore, a suitable table should be used for heavy custom or large-size touring motorcycles.

Some high-end models have an integrated center stand or jack. These components lift one or the two tires of a bike. This makes it easy to remove the wheels of a bike for servicing. But, many lift tables have “drop-out plates.”These removable plates make it easy to remove and reinstall the rear wheel of a bike.

Lift tables are different from other equipment used in lifting bikes. For instance, a motorcycle jack is a small device placed under the engine block or bike frame to lift it. Jacks are mainly used for removing wheels to service them. But, they are not as stable as a lift table. A lift table is your best option if you have a good amount of work on a bike. It keeps the bike stable even if you are working on the bolts of the bike that require a good amount of pressure.

Best motorcycle lift table

If you are looking for the best motorcycle lift table, our list can help you make a wise decison. Our selection is based on their overall performance, ease of use, ratings, prices and customer reviews.

1. Roughneck Motorcycle Lift – 1000-Lb. Capacity

For the moment, the Roughneck Motorcycle Lift Table costs less than $500. It features a hydraulic system that does not need any external power supply or air compressor. It only uses a foot pedal in raising or lowering the table. It can reach its maximum height of 30 inches within 20 seconds. The table has numerous features even though it is affordable. It features an adjustable wheel chock, drop out plate, d-loops, and a diamond plated steel base.

The length of the table is 86 1/2 inches while its width is 26 3/4 inches. It has a 1000-pound lifting capacity. It can also be locked mechanically after it is raised to a suitable height for added stability.

2. Redline LD1K Light Duty Motorcycle Lift Table

For the moment, the Redline LD1K Light Duty Lift Table costs less than $600. The air-over hydraulic system of the table requires compressed air for it to work. It has numerous features normally found in high-end models. These features include a durable front tire-vice to keep the bike standing, d-loops for tie downs, drop-out plate, and a ramp.

Even though it is called light-duty, it is capable of lifting up to 1000 pounds. It is also 86.5 inches long allowing it to service most motorcycles. The maximum height of this table is 30 inches.

3. Rage Powersports BW-PROLIFT-HD Air OP Heavy Duty ProLift 1,500 lb Motorcycle Scissor Lift Table

For the moment, the Rage Powersports BW-PROLIFT-HD lift table costs less than $1,100. This is a high-end model designed for large-sized bikes. This is due to its 1,500-pound lifting capacity. Its table area is larger compared to other tables. It has a length of 105 inches and a width of 24 inches.

This table has an adjustable wheel vice, drop-out plate, and a ramp. The built-in center lift allows it to lift wheels easily off the table. This makes it easy to service the tires of bikes. Since it is air-operated, it requires compressed air with at least 90psi of pressure.

While it is rather expensive, it is a good investment if you have a big bike.

4. Black Widow Essential Motorcycle Shop Kit (Bundle)

This best motorcycle lift table comes with everything you need for safe motorcylce service and maintenance in your motorcycle shop or garage. All the tools are bundled and shipped on a shrink-wrapped pallet, so this can addd some savings for you. The caacity is up to 1000 lbs. And the BW-550 Hydraulic Motorcycle lift has a 24″ loading ramp tha can be rasied from 7 to 32″ height, giving you more flexbile to dealing with a motorcyle. This means you can always find a comfortable working level. And other tools, like a BW-2065 hand-operated tire bead breaker, a Rechargeable LED work light, are also inlcuded. If you are looking for not a single lift table, this kit can give you more than you can imagine.

5. Redline TR1500 Trike Motorcycle Lift Table

If you are looking for a lift table for trikes, this one is the best choices. Although it seems exepensive, it comes with useful features. This motorcyle lift table can asscess a trike from tis motor forward easily. It is able to lifts to 46″ high and it is 110′ long and up to 63″ wide. And this lift table has a 3-piece rear ramp section which is removeable. In a word, this TR1500 deserves to have and its performance is excellent.