Top 5 Best Mouse Traps Wirecutter Reviews

Why Do you Need a Mouse Trap?

When we need to buy a mouse trap, we need to know the difference between rats and mice. If you choose a rat trap, it may be not effective to mice. What’s more, even the mice also have different species. The most common mice species are house mice, white footed mice and deer mice. House mice often live in city dwellings, while white footed mice and deer mice are common in suburban areas. If in an extreme situation, all the 3 main species will invade a house or a home and this will be a serious situation. We need to do something to repel, trap or kill them.

Mouse traps are effective if there are only a few of mice in your home or house. However, if their population grows rapidly and has become established in your home or house, a mouse trap seems powerless to solve this problem. But mouse traits are also preventative to mice they plan to settle in your home or house. This is because these smart rodents will avoid dangerous places to settle in but looking for a new and safe place to live.

Mouse traps have a long history and modern mouse traps are much more user-friendly and effective. There are several types of modern mouse traps, such as live mouse traps, automatic traps, and even electronic traps. Therefore, you always can have the right choice according to your situations. You also can read our buyer’s guide to learn more about these different types of mouse traps.

Best Mouse Trap

If mouse infestation occurs in your home or house, you will find they are really nuisance. They bite, steal food, pee in the floor and leave mouse waste. What’s worse, they also bring many types of pathogens, making them a real health threat to our health. Therefore, how to get rid of them really matters. In the past, people used a lethal trap to trap them and then disposed of them. This seems a little cruel. This is because a trapped mouse almost has no chance of surviving if it is released to a new environment where it is not familiar with.

However, we don’t plan to discuss this ethic issue furthermore, because comparing with the harm they bring to our humans, any debate seems meaningless. Therefore, we have done a lot of research and made this list of the best mouse traps that are most effective and easiest to use. The best mouse trap should be designed to be easy to use and set, be cost effective and be most effective when the bait is taken by a mouse.

1. JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap

This JT Eaton 409BULK is really a good mouse trap, due to this 100% effectiveness, if a mouse steals the bait. It is pretty simple to use and set. You just need to pull its top lever back until it locks into the right place. So easy, isn’t it? Your foot even can do the job if you don’t want to use your hands. If you only need one, you can buy in single. If you need more, you can buy in bulk. It is only up to you and the price for each unit is also reasonable.

2. Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap (Pack of 72)

This trap is designed to be similar to an original mouse trap. It is not only inexpensive but also very effective. If you need to set a lot of mouse traps, it is the most bang for the buck. Due to its inexpensive feature, you can buy a lot and set them. Once a mouse is trapped, dispose of it together the trapped mouse and set a completely new one. Easy, simple and convenient.

3. Better Mousetrap 6 Pack

This mouse trap is really a modern mouse trap. It has a better design than other stand snap trap. It is also very easy to use. You need to make the bait cup baited first, and then pull its lever back until its trigger locks into the right place, and then place it triggered the trap on the routine mouse run. Once a mouse accidentally triggers this best trap, it will be trapped 100%.

4. Rodent Terminator – Electric Mouse and Rat Trap

This Rodent Terminator is an electric mouse trap that is powered by batteries. It will terminate the life of a mouse that goes into it. It is simple to set it. First, bait it, and then turn this electric mouse trap on, and then put it into spaces where mice are like to run. Once a mouse is trapped, its wireless transmitter can tell you know it has trapped a mouse and you can go to dispose of the trapped mouse. Although this trap is a little expensive, as the best electric mouse trap, it deserves a try.

5. Victor Tin Cat Mice Glue Boards 72 / Box

This Victor Pest Glue Board is able to trap mice effectively in situations where other types cannot work. Pretty easy to set it. Put attractive bait in the center, and then place this glue board where mice are like to run. It is not expensive. Therefore, once a mouse is trapped by this glue board, you can dispose of both of them at once.

Best Humane Mouse Trap

Mice infestation can occur in our home or house, and even if there are plenty of ways to get rid of mice, the best way is to use a humane mouse trap to humanely trap them. You just simply put it on a mouse run. The trap will trap mice humanely, because it doesn’t hurt a mouse. Therefore, once a mouse is trapped, you can choose to release it at a place that you choose. This is up to you. The trapped mouse can go free and lives free, so you don’t need to kill them cruelly.

We’ve compiled this list of best humane mouse traps which are available on the market. They are simple to bait, set and the most effective. All of them are highly recommended by humane and animal rights agencies. If you are humane, they are the best choices.

1. Smart Mouse Trap – Humane Mousetrap

This trap is highly recommended by many animal rights organizations. It is so easy to set. Just bait it and place it on the mouse run. That’s all. After it captures a mouse, you can choose to release it easily. It is totally safe for the captured mouse. And the price is also reasonable.

2. JT Eaton 420 Repeater Low Profile Multi Catch Mouse Trap

If you are looking for a humane mouse trap that is the best bang for the buck, this J.T. Eaton Mouse Trap is really the best. This one is perfect for even large mice. This is because it is able to hold up to 30 mice at a time. Once the trap is full of mice, you can dispose of them at a time.

3. Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap

This trap is highly recommended by many homeowners and professionals. It is made of steel, very sturdy. This one is also very easy to bait. Once it is baited, just place it on the mouse run and mice will go into it. If you need to release the captured mice, you just need to open the door to release. This one is highly rated and no one can beat its reputation on this list.=

4. Kness Tip-Trap 109-0-001 Live-Capture Mouse Trap

This Kness Tip-Trap is the simplest humane trap to use on our list. At its far end, it is the best place to bait. When a mouse goes into it to search for food, the mouse will trip this trap due to its weight. Although it is built with plastic, it is also very durable and can be reused and rinsed. If you choose to release the mice it is trapped, you can easily open its door to release them.

5. Ketch-All Mousetrap w/ Clear Lid

This trap can catches up to 6 mice at a time and there is a transparent window on its top to allow you to see its inside. First, you need to wind up it and then place it on a mouse run. The mouse goes into it and it gets flicked inside if it steps on its platform. You can choose not to bait it and it also comes with a rear door for you to easily release the captured mice.

Best Mouse Bait

Mouse bait is used to attract a mouse to go into a trap. No matter what types of mouse traps you plan to use, the mouse bait you choose should be attractive to mice and can enticing a mouse to enter the mouse trap. For a trap, sometimes the bait plays a very important role.

On the market, there are 3 main types of mouse bait. They are food sources that mice like to eat, synthetic types which mice use to nest or comfort, as well as commercial mouse attractant formulas that mice cannot resist. These formulas include putties, pastes, jells, etc. All of these baits are effective to lure a mouse to enter a trap. However, the best mouse bait has some essential features, like effectiveness, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Here, we’ve made this list of top 5 best mouse baits that are easy to use and effective to lure a mouse. Therefore, you can choose one of them according to your needs.

1. Skippy Peanut Butter, Creamy, 16.3-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)

This Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter can be your only choice if you would like to use only one mouse bait. It smells delicious, and is very sticky. So, you can adhere it to anything you like. Mice would like to search for peanut butter and will be willing to take risk to enter the trap to go for it. The price is also reasonable. It works with any type of mouse traps. In a word, peanut butter is attractive to mice.

2. Reach J&J Dental Floss Waxed 55 Yd (Pack of 6)

It is mice’s nature to be comfortable. When are not active to search for food, they will be active to build their nests. Therefore, they need to find the right materials to build their nests. The Johnson & Johnson Dental Floss is a good type of materials that mice would like to use for their nests. Place the dental floss in a trap, and mice would like to steal, and they will trigger a trap inevitably.

3. First Strike Soft Bait Rodenticide Lipha Tech Rat Poison/Bait

This mouse bait is best mouse bait beside peanut butter. It is very simple to use and can be shaped to any shape. It is not a messy mouse bait and it works effectively with both humane mouse traps and snap mouse traps.

4. Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel (For Use with Mouse or Rat Traps)

This bait can work with both snap mouse traps and walk-in humane mouse traps. It is completely non-allergenic and non-toxic, so it is safe to children and pets. And it is also very easy to clean, because it is water soluble. So you just use water to wash it up. When you need to place a bait, you just press it for a couple of drops onto your trap, which is enough to lure a mouse to enter the trap.

5. Provoke Professional Mouse Attractant

If you are allergic to nuts, you can choose this mouse attractant, because it is designed to replace peanut butter. For people who live in areas where peanut butter is not authorized to use a mouse bait, this is also the best choice. The water soluble feature makes it easy to be cleaned. And the price is also very low. It is worth having.

Mouse Trap Buyer’s Guide

Mice infestation is undeniably an inconvenience. Just their presence alone in the household is annoying. They can transmit disease via parasites and also get into the food supply and ruin it. It is advisable to exterminate their presence before they grow in number because they breed rapidly. Before you knew it, they’ll overwhelm your household and even business.

The most common mouse trap is the original snap-trap that was invented way back in the 1980s. This simple mouse trap is a spring-loaded wire arm mounted to a piece of wood. Once the mouse gets into the trap, it snaps shut on the neck of the feeding mouse, killing it immediately. The snap-trap can be reused by just resetting the arm and reloading a bait.

Over the years, people have been innovating mouse traps, redesigning one after another to have better traps. Eventually, mouse trap buyers can now select from a variety of models from the classic manual trap to high-tech electronic trap. Basically, you’ll just have to decide what fits your need and situation. If you haven’t tried one yet, or if in doubt, you can always begin using the simple snap trap.

Types of Mouse Trap

Manual or Snap Type

The universal snap trap is the benchmark of all manual traps you can find on the market today. There are almost endless differences among them. Some differ in mounting orientation, whether used in a vertical or horizontal position; some vary in snapping directions, either snapping upwards or downwards; and some are made with baited arm or platform snapping together.

You can find a disposable snap trap where you can dispose of both the mouse and the trap. There are also reusable snap traps. The reusable ones have an easy-release mechanism allowing you dispose the mouse at once and reset the trap.

With all those variations, snap-trap types all use a spring loaded trigger system. There is a spring-loaded arm or platform being propelled by a spring. Then a bait station or bait cup that triggers the spring once disturbed by a feeding mouse.

Before putting on areas with high mice presence, first, place the bait in the trap and then, pull back the spring mechanism. Check the trap regularly in a day.

Traps placed in one location oftentimes continue to capture mice because mice aren’t too frugal. Although mice barely become vigilant to the location of the traps, it is still best to change the location.

Live Trap Type

These types of mouse trap lure a mouse by means of bait or scented food drops. The mouse is captured once it takes the bait which triggers a door behind them to close, trapping the mouse inside. These traps are considered specialty traps because mice are small. Live traps also come in various shapes and designs but it is commonly a rectangular container with the bait located at the far end.

A live type of mouse trap is placed on the ground. It works when the mouse enters one side, passes over a fulcrum and goes to get the bait. The balance of the trap shifts to the other side once it passes the fulcrum, making the original end of the ground and shuts the trap door behind it.

Once the mouse is captured, you can dispose of the mouse by releasing it into an area far from your home or business. It’s your call to dispose it alive and unharmed or humanely get rid of it. The trap can be reused but rinse out the trap first before using it again.

You are definitely faced with a live mouse when you opt to use this type of mouse trap. This is the only type that ensures the mouse caught is unharmed. If you are opposed to killing mice for whatever reason you may have, then this is the only option for you.

Electronic Trap Type

The electronic trap is the latest type of the mouse trap. These can-shaped and boxy traps are designed to use food and/or pheromone drops as bait. It is open at one end and close on the other end. The mouse will enter the trap reaching for the food inside. Once the mouse arrives at the bait station, an electric current is released and passed into the mouse, killing it instantly.

These type of traps come in battery-operated and plug-in models. Check these traps regularly to see if a mouse has been caught. Some models have an exterior light-up bulb feature that signals when the trap had electrocuted a mouse. These types of trap also offer easy and quick disposal since the mouse can be dumped off from the open end.

Automatic Trap Type

Automatic traps can hold a large number of mice before they need to be emptied. It is the perfect trap to use for areas swarmed with mice. This type comes in handy at commercial settings where mice is a nuisance.

These traps are large and bulky and recommended on areas where mice activity is high. It uses pheromone drops and live bait to entice mice into the trap. Captured mice can be disposed of humanely.

Automatic traps also feature a spring-loaded platform that casts mice inside the trap when it’s disturbed. The bait and bustling mice inside attracts other mice and the platform keeps getting stepped on, trapping more mice inside the box.

The spring is wound up a number of times, enabling it to capture mouse after mouse. Depending on the number of times you wound up the trap, it will continue to catch the mouse until it stops. Dispose the captured mice, then wound up the spring, and catch those pesky mice again.

Glue Trap Type

Glue mouse traps are typically square-shaped. These traps are coated with a gluey substance. Some have its gluey substance infused with pheromone scent to attract mice but a bait can also be placed right on top of the glue.

Glue traps or sticky traps are disposable and generally capture one mouse at a time. It is possible that a captured mouse is still alive, thus the need to get rid of it humanely.

Even so, most people dispose of both the trap and mouse, letting the mouse die from starvation, dehydration, or exposure. PETA, RSPCA, and other wildlife organizations criticized the use of glue traps. Charles Schwab Corporation and other business organizations in the country forbid the application of these traps in their facilities.