Top 5 Best Photo Scanner Wirecutter Reviews

There are so many types of scanners on the market you can choose from to scan images of your photographs. However, when you decide to choose, how do you know which is the best photo scanner? In fact, some perform better, while others perform plainly. Best ones can offer you high resolution to capture much more detail in your photos and they also can provide you with high image quality due to their deep color scanning.

We have done some housework and tried to find the best one for you. The following models on this list are all high quality. Some are freestanding equipment which scans your photo as the photo passes through the feeder, while others are normally flatbed scanners which are perfect for loose documents, making them much safer while scanning. Besides their performance, we also have taken their prices, ratings and customer reviews into account.

If you are searching for such one best photo scanner, these models on this list can help you narrow range of choice and shorten your time.

Best Photo Scanner Reviews

1. Epson B11B178011 Perfection V700 Photo Scanner

The first we highly recommend is this Epson B11B178011 Perfection V700 Photo Scanner. It is one of the bestselling flatbed scanners. Many people have chosen it as their primary scanner no matter in office or at home due to the fact that it is capable of capturing high quality images from your photos. What’s more, its high resolution and most detailed images make it a right choice for a flatbed scanner. It uses a cold lamp, protecting your photos and documents from heat damage. The 48-bit color depth can recover the colors of the photos maximally.

2. Epson B11B198011 Perfection V600 Photo Scanner

If you think the price of V700 is too high but you need such a high quality one, this V600 can offer you nearly the same feature as V700. However, the differences are that V700 works faster than V600 and V700 has a slim body. If you only need a scanner which can work for you occasionally, this one is also a good pick, after all Epson is good at this field.

3. HP ScanJet G3110 Photo Scanner

This one is also a budget one. The price is only 99.99. Although it doesn’t perform better than Epson V700, it is also a great pick, considering its price, brand and other factors. The resolution is up to 4800 dpi, and it also has 48-bit color depth. If you want a cheap one for occasional scanning work at home, it is enough.

4. Mustek ScanExpress S324 Standalone Photo and Document Scanner

This one has a slim body, because it is a standalone photo scanner which feeds paper documents and photos into the body for scanning. It works very fast and effective, but the resolution is not good as other models on this list. It has a built-in 2.4-Inch LCD which can show the images. If you need a faster scanner but don’t care about the resolution too much, you can try it.


If you need a scanner in your office, you can choose Epson B11B178011 Perfection V700 due to its high resolution, fast speed and reliability. If you only use a scanner occasionally, you can choose Epson V600 or HP ScanJet G3110 because of their affordable prices.