Top 5 Best Sleep Masks Reviews

Which is the best sleep mask? Sleeping masks are a great solution for those who have trouble falling asleep. If you feel you cannot fall asleep when you are on a train, on a plain, or just in your own bed, such a sleep mask is really a must-have. This is because it can keep your eyes closed enough so that you can have a good rest. The main reason that we cannot fall asleep is the outside light, as well as visual distractions and a sleep mask can reduce the influence of these factors.

Best Sleep Mask

The following top 5 best sleep masks were chosen due to their great features:

  • Ability to block outside light
  • Offer you a comfortable resting space for your eyes
  • Adjustable head traps for a much better fit
  • Other great features included, like soothing fabric, concave shapes, molding material

In a word, each of them can make you have a good rest when you need.

Top 1: Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

The main material of this best sleep mask is Tempur material that can mold to the face. Plus, it also offers a cooling feeling. One great feature I love most is its thick sides that are helpful to block out sound. Sometimes, the factors that make us not fall asleep are not only the outside light but also the outside noise. Therefore, this design is thoughtful.

Top 2: Sleep Master Sleep Mask

This product also does not only cover your eyes but also your ears, blocking out both light and sound. Its Velcro straps are also impressive. With its innovative design, it can offer you a perfect fit.

Top 3: Dream Zone- Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

The main materials of this product are 100% natural silk and cotton, which can make your eye feel comfortable and can block out any light. Its head strap is adjustable so it can provide you with a comfortable fit.

Top 4: Bucky Eye Mask

With its unique shape, it can make your eyes feel very comfortable. It has 2 deep mold cups, so your eyes can freely blink. And the concave shape can also protect your make-up. Therefore, when you are travelling, this design is very useful.

Top 5: Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask

This mask is very light, because it is made of polyester. Its shape can contour to your eyes and nose, so you will feel very comfortable. It can last for a long time and its breathable feature is also perfect.


If you have trouble falling asleep due to the outside light and noise, a sleep mask can help you easily fall asleep. This top 5 best list can help you quickly find the perfect one for you.