Top 5 Best Spider Killers Reviews

In most situations, spiders are considered as beneficial insects, because they are the natural enemy of many insects. Therefore, spiders are helpful to control many insect problems, including roaches, mosquitoes, flies, etc. However, spiders are also insects and can become pests too. For example, if brown recluse or black widows spiders are disturbed by human, they will bite you and give you a very painful bite. In this situation, you need to deal with them and make them not become a problem for you. You may need a spider killing spray to kill them or repel them. Although this seems the best way to catch and release them, it doesn’t work in all cases. Therefore, a spider killer becomes the best solution to deal with these pests.

Best Spider Killer

We’ve done a lot of research and made this list of top 5 best spider killers on the market due to their effectiveness, ease of use, readily biodegradable features, natural ingredients, and cost-effectiveness. Of course, it is highly recommended to wear rubber gloves and a face mask when you need to use one of them. And you need to keep them far away from your kids.

1. Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate, 8oz

This one is very safe to use and it is also very cheap, as well as effective. Once you have used it, you will be surprised at its performance. First, you need to know it is a concentrate. Therefore, before using it, you need to add one or 2 cap-full of it into a quart spray bottle, and then add water, and then adequately mix the solution. Generally, 8 ounces of this concentration is considered to be equal to 20 quarts of the mix solution. This gives more to kill the spiders. The main ingredients of this concentrate is natural pyrethrin – an insecticide mading from the chrysanthemum plant. It is biodegradable, water soluble and very safe to use, making it perfect as a spider killer. Pyrethrin is used to disrupt the spider’s neurological function, so it can kill a spider quickly and painlessly. As one of the best spider killing insecticide, it performs well. If you need a generic spider killer, it is the best.

2. TERRO 2300 16-Ounce Spider Killer Aerosol

From its name, you can know its effectiveness. This Terro 2300 can get all the job done. The main ingredients are 2 synthetic pyrethrins that are used as neurotoxins. Although these 2 ingredients are not natural, they are also easy to break down, making them more environmentally friendly. Its carrier can offer a residual effect to kill spiders for up to 3 months after it is sprayed. This is because it is made of mineral oil based substances. It is ready to use after you get it. You can spray it on a can or webs, or other places where spiders love lurking. After that, spiders can be effectively killed.

3. Hot Shot Spider & Scorpion Killer Aerosol, 11oz

If you are looking for a spider killer that offers the longest lasting residual effect, you cannot miss this spider killer. The main effective ingredient is a pyrethrin derivative and its two different types of carrier oil substances can make this killer effective for up to 16 weeks. The price is a little higher than other spray types of spiders killers, but it is perfect if you meet a very sever spider problem. Once you have it, you can keep these spiders far away from your house. It is also very easy to use and you just need to spray it on places or webs that spiders love lurking.

4. Spider Not Aerosol Kills Spiders

You may not hear this spider killing spray and it is also one of the best spider killer you can rely on. This product is packed in a pressurized spray can, so it can reach anywhere you like, including corners or ceiling where most of other sprays cannot reach. The blast from the can is able to knock down any webs and kill any spiders on the webs. Its main ingredient is D-Trans Allethrin that is also a synthetic pyrethrin. Similar to other synthetic pyrethrins, it is also very safe to use and only a little toxic to humans. However, it is very toxic to cats. Although it is safe to use in most cases, if you have pets like cats, this one is not the good one. In this situation, you can try another one.

5. Black Flag Spider and Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray, 16-Ounce

This killer is one of the best deals you can find on the market. Its effective ingredient is a synthetic pyrethrin that is in a mineral oil mix, so it can last for up to 16 weeks. If you need the most cost-effective spider killer, no one can beat this. It is as effective as other killers, but not makes you go broke. And if you need to buy more to prevent a major spider infestation, it is the best.