Top Best Winches Reviews

Winches should be an essential tool in a truck owner’s arsenal, if going off-roading becomes frequent. Actually, winches can do far more than you can think. They can make loading your UTV and ATV onto a trainer much easier. They can help to pull out tree stumps that are very stubborn. And if your truck gets stuck, they can help to get the truck out of a troublesome ditch. In these situations above, if you don’t have a winch, you will find these jobs are difficult to deal with.

Therefore, a winch is so important and it can save your life if you are in trouble. When it comes to choosing a winch, the top quality really matters. And what you plan to use a winch for determines which type of winches you need. If you need to crawl on rocks somewhere, you really need a top quality winch. In this situation, you can find the right one on our list of top 5 best winches. If a jet ski is often needed to load onto a trainer every weekend, you only need to buy a cheap winch, because it is enough. Therefore, first you need to know what you will use a winch for. This question determines which type is the best for you.

Best Winch

A high quality winch is really a great helper for you, if you often go off-roading or just plan to go off-roading. Such a tool should be an invaluable automotive tool in your arsenal. Of course, having a winch has many benefits.

First, your vehicle’s off-road capacities can be increased tremendously. This is because a winch can help you easily get out many troublesome spots that you are getting trouble in.

Second, with a winch, your vehicle can reach some spots that cannot be accessible in normal times. For example, a winch can help your vehicle to climb over some barriers.

We’ve made a list of top 5 best winches considering many factors. Each of them at least delivers 8,000 lb. pull rating, so they can work with most vehicles. Each of them has a roller fairlead that is much better than a Hawse fairlead. Each of them has a 3-stage planetary gear system that can offer reliable and smoother operation. Considering easy and safe operation, a handheld remote is a must. If you need one, you can choose one of them based on your needs.

1. WARN 92820 ZEON Platinum 12K Winch

This Warn 92820 can delivery up to 12,000 lb. pull rating. This high capacity makes it perfect for those who have much larger vehicles. This best winch offers up 80 feet of wire that is made of aircraft-grade materials, so if you are looking for a winch that offers more rope, this one is the best choice. Compared with other winches that use wired remotes, this one comes with a wireless remote, making it much safer to use than others. Due to the aircraft materials used to build this winch, it is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, it you need to use a winch frequently, this durable winch can meet your needs. Plus, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. Superwinch 1510200 LP10000 Winch, 10,000lbs/4536kg single line pull

This Superwinch LP10000 delivers up to 10,000 lb. pull rating, so it is really a solid choice. Its motor is weather-sealed, so this can keep other elements out of the motor, increasing its rust/corrosion resistance and durability and extending it life. This winch can pull 10,000 lb., which is enough for most vehicles and jobs. It also comes with a 85-foot steel cable that is 3/8 inch thick, further increasing its strength. And the strong steel cable can avoid any catastrophic failure. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty. Therefore, it is worth having it.

3. Mile Marker HI-Series Hydraulic Winch – 9000-lb. Capacity

This best winch is able to deliver up to 9,000 lb. pull ratings, making it an ideal choice. Similar to the Warn Winch, this one is also corrosion-resistant and waterproof, so it is more durable than you can imagine. Rust doesn’t matter. Its tie bars, as well as fasteners are made of stainless steel, so it is also very strong. Its cable is up to 100 feet long and is very durable because it is made of aircraft materials. Therefore, if you need to use your winch frequently, it will not make you feel disappointed. However, this model seems a little heavy and its weight is about 100 pounds. However, durability and reliability say it all.

4. Recon 264100BFW Electric Winch

This Recon 264100BFW can even deliver up to incredible 17,500 lb. pull rating. Therefore, even if you have a heavy van or truck, this best winch can easily work with. And it also offers 92 feet of cable that is made of steel. And this winch also provides a very fast line speed, about 28 feet per minute. This speed allows you to easily get your truck out of a ditch. Plus, it also offers a limited lifetime warranty on the entire winch, but the warranty doesn’t include mechanical portions. Although this winch delivers a higher pull rating, the price is lower than other models (like WARN 92820). Therefore, if you need a higher pull rating but don’t want to pay more, this model is the best choice.

5. Smittybilt 97380 X20-8 8,000 lbs Winch

Because of its completely waterproof solenoid and sealed engine, this Smittybilt 97380 is perfect for those who go off-roading in wet conditions. For example, if you plan to go off-roading in the wet, marshy or snow areas, this winch will be perfect to work with. This model offers 100 feet of rope which is made of marine-grade stainless steel, it is corrosion-resist and can effectively avoid pitting corrosion. If you need to use a winch on a frequent basis in wet conditions, this one is the best one you can rely on. The overall weight of this winch is about 88 pounds, lighter than other models. However, this one only can deliver up to 8,000 lb. pull rating, a little lower than most models on this list. If your vehicle is not too heavy, the capacity is enough.